Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NSA, Snowden, China, and Russia

NSA, Snowden, China, and Russia

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong, China to avoid USA arrest and prosecution for leaking sensitive national security information.  The commies in China decided not to honor the extradition treaty that exists between Hong Kong and the USA.  In early June, 2013 Chinese President Xi Jinping visited with President Obama at The White House.  This visit did nothing to cause the communist to respect President Obama or reciprocate by honoring his extradition request.  Another example of President Obama embracing America’s sworn enemies while getting nothing in return.

Mr. Snowden is allowed to leave Hong Kong and flees to Moscow, Russia, welcomed by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (known as: Vladimir Putin) titular head of Russia.  Mr. Putin ignored President Obama’s request to apprehend Mr. Snowden.  It was President Obama who to please Mr. Putin abandoned Poland, and America’s allies in Eastern Europe.  What did the USA get in return?  Nothing, not even Mr. Snowden.   

This whole Snowden affair is another glowing example when a Democrat occupies The White House, there is no respect for the USA among the tyrants around the world.  

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