Saturday, June 15, 2013

China peace in Asia

China peace in Asia

Some years ago when the Communist government in China started building up and modernizing their military their neighbors in Asia were concerned.  To alleviate the fears of their neighbors the commies stated their military buildup was purely for peace. 

The problem is China’s neighbors thought they meant “peace,” when what they really meant was “piece.”  A piece of the Philippines (Scarborough Shoal).  A piece of Vietnam (territorial waters off Vietnam).  A piece of Japan (the Senkaku Islands).  A piece of India (invading the border region between the two nations).      

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea – UNCLOS, establishes a 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone – EEZ, off the coast of nations out to the sea. 

However the commies in China have a different interpretation of reality.  They are ignoring the EEZ’s established by the United Nations and established their own zone claiming virtually all of the South China Sea.  They are blatantly violating the EEZ’s of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines.  With the Spratly Islands belonging to Japan, the commies are claiming these islands also.

The Scarborough Shoal within the Philippine EEZ has been forcibly stolen by the Chinese.  This land / water grab has ruined the livelihood of many Filipinos in the Western Philippines.  The government of the Philippines allowed China’s aggressive, bully behavior according to the article (link below) because China’s military is too massive.  The peaceful or piece-full commie military with evil sinister designs on their neighbors.  Remember, commies never make good neighbors.       

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