Tuesday, June 18, 2013

China owns USA pork - warning !!!

China owns USA pork - warning !!!

Recently it was announced Smithfield Pork, the largest pork company in the United States was purchased by a company in red-China, communist China. 

WARNING:  China is the country that has introduced into their food supply hazardous materials, some of which have been poison and / or diseased.  Many of these hazardous foods were tainted for export.  The food supply is questionable to the point where the people in China do not even trust some products.

In Europe there is a shortage of baby formula because concerned Chinese parents are purchasing it faster than the Europeans can stock it.  Now we are going to trust them with pork in the USA. 

A few months ago some 16,000 dead diseased pigs where thrown into the Shanghai River.  Those not thrown in the river we sold on the market.  Not only did they pollute their drinking water with dead diseased they also sold that diseased pork on the open meat market.  Buyer beware!     

Background to the dead pigs:
Shanghai, China:  16,000 dead pigs were dumped in the river.  The commie authorities told the people the water is still safe to drink.  The commie authorities said the pigs had a disease called porcine circovirus and does not affect humans or other livestock. 

Never mind that, there were still 16,000 dead pigs in the water so how could the water be safe?  Remember this is a nation with the number two economy in the world with dead pigs in the drinking water they claim is safe.  Are they nuts?   

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