Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blame the gun, not the criminal

Blame the gun, not the criminal

Recently in the city of New Orleans in the southern state of Louisiana during a Mother’s Day parade there was a shooting resulting in nineteen people being injured.  Days later the police apprehended the alleged shooter.  This man has a long police record including the following:

-          Illegal carrying of a weapon
      -          Illegal possession of a stolen firearm
      -          Resisting an officer
      -          Contraband to jail
      -          Illegal carrying of a weapon while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance
       -          Possession of heroin.

The problem here was not the gun, but the system that allowed a person with this record to be among the populace.  New Orleans is a Democratic Party control city with pre Hurricane Katrina murder rates the highest in the nation equaling the unsolved murder rate.  New Orleans enjoys oppressive gun control laws while allow criminals to walk freely to give their municipality high crime rates.  Welcome to liberalism.   

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