Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sea Shepherd Bluefin tuna Ady Gil

Sea Shepherd Bluefin tuna Ady Gil

Every June the fishermen of the Mediterranean Sea embark on their annual Bluefin tuna fishing.  The majority of the tuna captured are shipped off to Japan.  The past couple of years Sea Shepherd followed these fishermen claiming they were monitoring them.  Sea Shepherd assumed the role of enforcing the quotas set by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas).

How come Sea Shepherd is noticeably absent from the Mediterranean Sea this Bluefin tuna season?  Possibly the money absorbed by a Mediterranean expedition is needed to support the lofty lifestyle of the fugitive, “pope Paul the Watson.”  It can be rather expensive maintaining a lifestyle while on the run.  However a reliable source reports the fugitive is possibly relaxing while dancing with Matilda in Australia.  Because the fugitive is a fugitive the fishermen are free to fish the Bluefin tuna without harassment from the bullies of the floating circus.

Sea Shepherd has liability insurance with the Great American Insurance Company.  Due to the injunction placed upon Sea Shepherd by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and being labeled as pirates, the Great American Insurance Company filed court papers to be removed as Sea Shepherd’s insurer. 

Mr. Ady Gil who provided the money to purchase the trimaran Earthrace for Sea Shepherd and later renamed “Ady Gil,” is suing Sea Shepherd for $5 million.  Mr. Gil is suing stating Sea Shepherd / Paul Watson purposely released the vessel allowing it to drift off into the Southern Ocean. 

Sea Shepherd is now claiming the lawsuit is for $50 million.  Not true.  The lawsuit is for $5 million, then asking for punitive damages of 9x the amount of the suit.  Punitive damages are rarely paid on a case like this.  However the filing of the lawsuit was for $5 million, not $50 million.       

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