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Sea Shepherd's multiple law suits and noticeable absence

Sea Shepherd’s multiple law suits
and noticeable absence 

News reveals in Scotland, United Kingdom (Europe), in two years close nine-hundred seals were killed.  This was done to prevent the cute varmints eating salmon being raised on salmon farms in Scotland.  Sea Shepherd’s Dam Guardians are in the USA’s Pacific Northwest (Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River between the states of Oregon and Washington) to protest and monitor the culling of sea lions for the same reason, to protect Columbia River salmon.  Can we expect the same compassion by Sea Shepherd towards the murdered seals in Scotland? Nope! Sea Suckers continue to donate.  

Is Sea Shepherd UK saving their money to support the fugitive Watson, “Pope Paul the Watson?”  Or is the money being saved because of the lawsuit against Sea Shepherd by a Maltese company “Fish and Fish.”  They are suing for one million Euros for damages caused by Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin led by Paul Watson in 2010 during the Bluefin tuna season in the Mediterranean Sea.  Recently a UK court has issued a ruling permitting the lawsuit to go forward.

Peter Bethune, one time member of Sea Shepherd, sued Sea Shepherd for five-hundred thousand dollars owed to him for the abandoned vessel Ady Gil in the Southern Ocean in 2010.  Sea Shepherd refused to pay.  After the case went court Sea Shepherd settled by agreeing to pay the $500,000, and court cost.  In return Mr. Bethune agreed to help prevent the extradition of fugitive Watson to Japan.  Had Sea Shepherd agreed to pay the $500,000 owed before they went to court the would have not had to pay the court cost.  Sea Suckers still donating.

Sea Shepherd’s Dam Guardians FACEBOOK page had this written over a photograph of a sea lion: “Killing sea lions wont save the salmon.”  Left a comment asking if that means Sea Lions do not eat salmon, it got deleted and blocked.  Lovers of free speech only if it is their free speech.

Taiji, Japan:  The good fishermen of this remote village capture dolphins each year.  Some of the captured dolphins are released back into the ocean for various reasons.  How come these released dolphins do not warn other dolphins to stay away from the Taiji area?  We are told these are very intelligent creatures with the ability to communicate.  So are they selfish or stupid?  The answer is stupid, see related links listed below.

Mr. Ady Gil who donated the money to purchase the vessel later named “Ady Gil” is suing Sea Shepherd for five-million dollars.  Mr. Gil is accusing Sea Shepherd / Paul Watson for purposely abandoning the damaged Ady Gil vessel in the Southern Ocean in 2010.  Sea Suckers still donating money.

Note:  Photographs of the abandoned Ady Gil courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.        

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