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Yasukuni Shrine defended

Yasukuni Shrine defended
The Yasukuni Shinto shrine is dedicated to the soldiers and others who died on behalf of Japan, registering near two and a half million names enshrined.  A visit to this shrine by foreigners and notable Japanese brings with it scathing criticism from some neighboring nations.  Their complaint is out of the two and a half million spirits honored at the Yasukuni Shrine; around one thousand were convicted as war criminals by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE or known as Tokyo Trails or Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal).  Should be noted the legitimacy of tribunal is in question by many.

Discounting the one-thousand, what about the other over two million spirits?  What about those who died during World War One when Japan was part of the Allied front (a U.S.A. ally)?

Recently members of the Japanese Diet, Parliament, and the Japanese Cabinet made a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine causing South Korea and China to issue moans of condemnation.  Here is what is interesting:  During World War Two Japan occupied around twenty-four nations and battled around twelve Allied nations.  Out of the twenty-four occupied and twelve Allied nations, only two nations object to any official visitation to the Yasukuni Shrine.

The commies in China object because they are commies and that is what commies do, very simplistic.  South Korean constant moaning over this issue is interesting.  South Korean and Japan share similar security issues in reference to red-China and North Korea, yet the South Koreans allow this issue to widen the distance between Tokyo and Seoul. 

From 1930 through 1943 around eight hundred thousand Koreans applied to join the Japanese Imperial Army.  Out of that number only around seventeen thousand were accepted.  Could this mass rejection be the cause of current day objections towards Japan?  Does this analysis read to be a bit of a stretch if not outright unreasonable?  Well that is because the flames of hate being fueled by the commies in red-China and South Koreans are somewhat on the wrong side of reasonable.      

What happened sixty-eight years ago belongs in the past to be studied, and determined not to be repeated, however no reason to be critical and hateful in this 21st century. 

All very abbreviated and innocent, yet so much controversy of such a simple and dignified event.

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