Friday, April 12, 2013

North Korea targets Tokyo

North Korea targets Tokyo

War drums on the Korean peninsula coming from north of the 38th parallel, The Hermit Kingdom, the commie regime of North Korea, DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).  Their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong-unnecessary seems to be threatening anyone who would listen to him.     

The commie lunatics in North Korea stated if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula their first target to bomb will be Tokyo.  Are these commies geography challenged or victims of an American public school education within the last thirty years?  Tokyo is not located on the Korean peninsula; it is the capital city of Japan across the Sea of Japan from the Korean peninsula. 

Japan is minding its own business in the war of words coming from the commies, and yet Japan is target number one.  To the commies when any goes wrong for them, blame Japan, then the USA and South Korea.  They seem to blame Japan for their ills as Sea Shepherd’s “pope Paul the Watson” (fugitive Paul Watson) blames Japan for all his ills.  North Korea and Sea Shepherd share a common scapegoat to blame and that is Japan.

With all the off the wall rhetoric coming out of The Hermit Kingdom (North Korea) are a lot of
photographs with Dear Leader Kim Jon-un and his military puppet masters.  The hats worn by these puppet masters are rather odd.  Some look like teapots turn upside down.  What is the origin of these peculiar bonnets worn by these nuts?  

Remember: North Korea targets Tokyo.

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NOTE:  The video at the end of the Japanese flag (Nisshoki) from a Hanshin Tigers baseball game in Osaka, Japan, Hanshin Koshien Stadium, videoed April, 2012.