Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston terror, who to blame?

Boston terror, who to blame?

Since the Boston terrorists are from Chechnya, and believed to be Muslim, it is easy to blame their murderous actions on Islam.  However caution should be maintain as of this writing / video all the information has not be gathered and / or released.

The two terrorist arrived in the USA at an early age and should have been thoroughly Americanized.  Their emersion into the American melting pot was prevented by diversity.  No longer in American schools is the American melting pot taught.  Instead “diversity” is forced upon them where they learn their allegiance is not towards the nations (the USA), but to their ethnic group.  Basically Balkanizing the USA. 

Because these two murderers are from a Muslim majority nation, the American news media will cleanse the story to divert attention from this.  The politically correct news media will attempt to lay blame on everything but the truth.  Fact is these two murderers are solely responsible for their terrorism, along with blaming political correctness / diversity.   

The American news media and some Federal law enforcement agencies can be expected to report information that has been cleansed to meet politically correct approval.  The get the accurate news on this story one may try the foreign press such as:

Media in the United Kingdom
Pravda in Russia
The Sun News in Canada
In the USA:
The Washington Times
The New York Post
Fox News
Law Enforcement:
The Boston Police Department


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