Sunday, April 14, 2013

Japanese / Koreans demonstrate in Tokyo

Japanese / Koreans demonstrate in Tokyo
Recently there was a large demonstration in Japan by the Japanese in reference to Koreans living in Japan, specifically in Tokyo.

The people protesting Korean behavior were walking the in the street orderly with Japanese flags, placards, and bullhorns.  The Koreans protesting the protestors were following from the sidewalks.  The numerous bullhorns used by both were numerous.  The bullhorn business in Tokyo must be a lucrative one.

A protest symbol employed by the group on the sidewalk was flipping the bird (extending the middle finger in the air).  It is a rude and vulgar gesture only illustrating the negative behavior of the one extending the middle finger.  One gentleman in the sidewalk crowd was a little creative with this rude gesture.  He had a finger on a stick.  He fashioned what looked like a rubber glove on the end of a stick with the middle finger erect.         

The crowds were huge, noisy, excited, and peaceful.  The Tokyo Police exhibited extreme professionalism with their restrain and handling of this crowd.   

The grievances towards the Koreans are legion, too numerous to cover in this video.  One complaint is one that would infuriate most people living in a free society hosting those from an oppressive nation.  There is a private school in Tokyo for Koran students.  Innocent enough until you look at the front wall of the classrooms.  The front wall placed high are two photographs, one of Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il.  The first two monstrous gangster leaders of Communist North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom.

If they are going to send their children to a school that pays homage and reverence to the gangster leaders of Communist North Korea, perhaps they should expand that reverence by moving to North Korea.          

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