Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Texas Governor Rick Perry "come and take it"

Texas Governor Rick Perry "come and take it"

Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas recently attended a news conference in the wake of the tragedy in town of West, Texas. 

The shirt Governor Perry was wearing during the news conference was notable.  Embroidered above the left pocket was a lone star, a canon barrel, and the words “come and take it.”

“Come and take it” is part of Texas history.  The canon was in Gonzales, Texas when Mexican troops tried to retrieve it.  The Texas of the town pointed to the canon and told the Mexican troops “come and take it.” 

The Mexican troops never got the canon and this was considered the first battle of Texas’s war of independence from Mexico.  “Come and take it” in Texas represents rugged individualism, independence, and no nonsense strength.    

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