Wednesday, April 17, 2013

U.S. Secretary of State caves in to China
Since the lunatics in North Korea are bellowing out lunatic threatening statements the United States has increased military and missile defense in Asia.  The commies in The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea threatened to target Tokyo first if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula.  The war drums continue to be pounded by Kim Jong un.

In an attempt to demonstrate to the commies in North Korea America’s determination United States Secretary of State John Kerry (Democrat and absolute moron) visited the region.  Secretary Kerry went to Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing. 

While talking with the commies in Beijing (red-China) Mr. Kerry asked the commies for their help in getting North Korea to abandon their nuclear arms development.  In returned he offered the red-Chinese America will reduce the recently enhanced missile defense in Asia.  This pleased the commies and they agreed to help because they feared an American military build-up in Asia.

Why?  Why would a non-belligerent nation with no evil designs fear the American military?  Easy answer:  The communist in China do not want the American military to block their evil intentions as oppose to having America to be able to react.  The commies want a weakened America in Asia so they can continue to steal islands from the Philippines, territorial waters and islands from Vietnam, the Senkaku Islands from Japan, and the big prize of Taiwan.        

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