Sunday, April 7, 2013

President Obama sensitivity training?

President Obama sensitivity training?

There are three major new reporting agencies in the USA, “Associated Press,” (AP), “The New York Times,” and “McClatchy.”  The Associated Press being the largest and influential publishes a book most journalist in the USA use.  The book “The Associated Press Stylebook,” is a point of reference for journalist to format their reporting, and advises which words or phrases to avoid.

Recently the AP book advised to no longer use the term “illegal immigrant.”  Stating the act of entering the country may be illegal but not the person.  Also advised not to use the term “Islamist” after being pressured from a certain interest group in the USA.

Associated Press – AP Stylebook:

Recently President Obama said in reference to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, “… looking attorney general in the country.”  This caused an uproar among the feminist and weak men causing President Obama to apologize to the “best looking attorney general in the country.”

President Obama was a fault for behaving like a man in a feminized nation.  In the United States when a boy behaves like a boy, drug him up.  When a man behaves like a man, make him apologize and send him off to sensitivity training.  In feminized America boys should not behave like boys and men better not behave like men.

President Obama and Kamal Harris California Attorney General:

J.C. Penney advertised a “plus” size grey dress and labeled it “Manatee gray.”  One person complained it was an insult to plus size women to use the word “manatee” and J.C. Penney pulled the ad.  The tyranny of one.  

J.C. Penney manatee dress:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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