Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dash Cam DR32 review

Dash Cam DR32
The Dash Cam DR32 is an excellent camera if one is looking for a dashboard video camera.

The video camera is HD and menu relatively easy to maneuver.  See the video below for the specifications and “how-to” with the camera’s menu.   

YouTuber “Techmoan” Excellent video review:

The camera uses a power cord to plug into the automobile’s cigarette lighter.  It comes with a suction cup type windshield mount.  Instructions easy to understand, however not as thorough as one would like, thus the reference to the video in the above link. 

The camera uses a microSD card, not included.  The microSD card stores the videos in a loop.  Meaning no need to clear out videos on the card as when it is filled, the camera starts taping over the oldest one.  The microSD card used in this video is 12GB which holds around two hours of videos before it starts to loop over older videos.        

The camera used in this video was purchase of eBay for $99.99, see link below:



Excellent performance during low light, rain, cloudy, and night.

Note:  Videoed in Dallas County, Texas, United States of America – USA.
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Link to Texas Daddy store:

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