Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston terror political circus

Boston terror political circus

Now that the younger of the two terrorist has been arrest the political correct circus will begin.  The Federal authorities have him in custody and will not “Mirandize” him siting the “public security” option.  This allows the authorities to question him without the hindrance from ambulance chasers (lawyers).  Basically he will not be able to “lawyer up” immediately.     

Once he is Mirandized his lawyers (“ambulance chasers”) will then make a move to exploit their client not being Mirandized within a defined amount of time.  No court has defined that time, however the lawyers will advance this issue in the circus known as political correctness making a mockery of the American legal system and security.

In the next circus ring will be the lawyers moving to take the case out of the Federal jurisdiction and moved to state jurisdiction.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not enjoy the death penalty where it is within the Federal system.

Lawyers, liberals, the news media, and Hollywood will then portray terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to be the victim here.  They will argue he was an all American boy exploited by his older brother who found it difficult to assimilate.  Never mind the fact his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev wanted to represent the United States in the Olympics. 

Liberals and lawyers will illustrate how unfortunate Dzhokhar is young, confused, torn between what was right and family loyalty, and throw in the cultural aspect.  The cultural aspect will be illustrated and demanded Americans accept and excuse.

This young man will be granted television interviews to soften his image.  The media and Hollywood will shed tears over his earlier childhood travels to escape the horrors of his war-torn homeland Chechnya.

Oklahoma City bombing terrorist Timothy McVeigh was executed six years after his crime was committed.  We can expect between now and 2019 (six years from now) Dzhokhar will still be among the living enjoying a celebrity lifestyle either in the USA or Chechnya.         

Screwy you think?  At the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany terrorist from the Middle East captured and murder Israeli athletes.  It took years before the Israeli secrete operatives located the terrorist and eliminated them one-by-one.  Some thirty-five years later Steven Spielberg (American Hollywood liberal) produced a movie sympathetic to the Munich terrorist while being critical of the Israeli agents who brought justice upon the murderers.  We can expect no less from liberals, Hollywood and political correctness in these here United States of America.      

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