Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sea Shepherd needs money

Donate money to Sea Shepherd

According to articles Sea Shepherd is begging for money outside the USA to fund their next harassment campaign in the Southern Ocean against the whalers from Japan.  They claim since a U.S. court as declared Sea Shepherd to be pirates, funds from the USA dried up.  Huh? 

Once again another scheme to get suckers to part with their money.  While a federal court in the USA did label the cult group as pirates, it did not revoke their tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service – IRS.  Meaning it is still legal to donate to Sea Shepherd in the USA.  Their suckers in the USA will still continue to donate to this group as long as the IRS tax exempt status is valid. 

Once again Sea Shepherd is demonstrating their primary mission is to get suckers to part with their money.  Guess is suckers from Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia will part with enough money to fill the donation void from the USA. 

These modern snake-oil salesmen do not allow any event to pass without exploiting it for money.   

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Jill said...

Better they have the money than the wealthy that scam the IRS every day. As long as they are for protecting animals they have my vote. Shame on the Japs for not owning up to their dirty deeds.