Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sea Shepherd's plan to delay the Shonan Maru #2 foiled - ha ha ha

The three Australian men from “Forest Rescue” who illegally boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru #2 will be picked up by Australia’s Customs and Border Protection vessel the Ocean Protector. This will be done at sea while the Shonan Maru #2 still has Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow rust bucket Steve Erwin in it’s radar.

 Sea Shepherd and Forest Rescue be responsible for the cost to the Australian government for this transfer of the three men at sea? What a stupid question as the word “responsible” has been omitted from the cult’s vocabulary.

Details are emerging the three planned with Sea Shepherd their illegal boarding well in advance of the incident. Also revealed was Sea Shepherd issued another lie in an attempt at subterfuge they were having engine trouble on the Steve Irwin while they were assisting the three to illegally board the Shonan Maru #2. Lies, lies, and more lies from the cult leader.

An article appearing in Saturday’s Dallas Morning News reported smoking pot is the highest in Australia than any other nation. Need proof? On this same day news comes out three Australian citizens illegally boarded a Japanese vessel 18 to 20 miles off the Australian coast.

They boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru #2 and the three demanded the Japanese stop following Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow the MY Steve Irwin. Then the three demanded the Japanese vessel sail into an Australian port to drop them off. Weed? Pot? Marijuana?

The three are from an Australian group “Forest Rescue.” Here in part is what is written on their website about their mission or goal:

“With an ever evolving unique style of Non-Violent Direct Action, Forest Rescue has been highly instrumental in saving large tracts of south west forests….”

Are they not aware there are no forest 18 to 20 miles off the Australian coast nor are there any on board the Shonan Maru #2? Weed? Pot? Marijuana?

The three who illegally board the Shonan Maru #2 are:
Geoffrey Tuxworth age 47 of Pert, Australia
Simon Peterffy age 44 of Bunbury, Australia
Glen Pendlebury age 27 of Fremantle, Australia

Their faith has not yet been determined by the Japanese authorities. However if the three are fortunate they too like Peter Bethune in 2010 may enjoy a free, all expense paid ocean voyage to Japan – lucky guys. Once in Japan they will be treated to Japanese correctional hospitality and be awarded free room and board – life is grand. These three may not be Waltzing with Matilda for a long time.

Worth noting: These three illegals were aided by Sea Shepherd.

Of course the Australian news media is stirring emotions with their bias headlines on their websites:
“Three Aussies ‘held captive’ on Japanese ship”Ninemsn
“Activists ‘taken hostage’ by whalers”The West Australian
Photograph of three Australians abandoned by She Shepherd:

Where Sea Shepherd gets their money:
Related news article:

Article about marijuana use in Australia:

Video explaining the terms used in reference to the cult group:


Jay said...

Do you really have nothing better to do than to write this rubbish when you clearly have no idea of what is really happening out there in the ocean. I take it you are getting your information from the same place the Australia Government is getting it from....the Japanese which of course must be the truth!!!
The Sea Shepherd along with other organisations are out doing good for this planet. They are not weed smoking tree huggers like you say. They are just normal people wanting to make a difference in the world. Maybe you should take leaf out of their book and do the same rather than have a go at them.

Boo Hiss said...

You crazy Tony, crazy.


Anonymous said...

you sure sound like you love the weed yourself. have another toke and relax. no one is starving because the japs can't kill a few whales...