Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aputure Timer Remote Cord for time lapse photography

This is an instructional video to help figure out how to use Aputure Timer Remote Cord (intervalometer) for time lapse / timed photography.

The booklet with the item was basically worthless to start with, I used the below video as an aide to get me started:

After viewing the video and playing around with the device I was able to program and use it. It is an excellent device for time-lapse, remote shutter release, and to lock the shutter open.

The Aputure Timer Remote Cord used in this video is model AP-TR3N made for Nikon D3100. It is important when ordering any device as this to make sure it is made specific for your camera. Reason being the plug-in at the end of the cord is designed to fit specific camera as they vary from DSLR to DSLR.

In this video I used a Nikon D3100 set up in the automatic mode because I knew I would be photographing in just around 10 minutes with a cloudless sky, basically lighting conditions remaining static. However for longer photo session and with changing lighting conditions recommend using the manual mode.

Remember before plugging the device into your camera; make sure your camera is turned off. For this video I took 200 photographs at 3 second intervals. Then I used Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 9 to create the video. In the editing I timed each photograph at 4 seconds each.

Cameras used:

Nikon D3100 – for time laps photographs

Canon VIXIA HF M31 – to video the close up instruction on how to program the device. Also used to create the comparison video of the Interstate interchange ramp.

Canon ELPH 100 is – to video me in front of my desk, and video the camera set up outside by the roadside.

After creating the video I went back to the instruction manual that came with the device, and it became clearer.

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