Thursday, January 5, 2012

EPA's continued assault upon American freedoms, rights, and economy

A couple living in Idaho attempting to develop their land to build a home on it, filled that land with dirt. Apparently this was a violation of federal law according to the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is claiming they filled in a wetland on their private property resulting in a $30,000 a day fine.

Private property rights in these here United States of America is dead. The goal of environmentalist and the EPA is to cripple capitalism and violate private property rights in the USA – United States of America. There was plenty of progress in the USA before the EPA and now with the EPA progress is dead.

It is such a tragedy to drain a swamp or wetland? Really? Tell that to the Ancient Romans. The Romans never met a swamp they did not like to drain. All over the Empire Roman engineers drained swamps and wet lands for progress. The built roads, aqueducts, sewer systems, coliseums, and some 2,000 years later the environment still exist in Europe.

If the EPA existed during the growth of the USA we would have never seen the Hoover Dam, the transcontinental railroad, the Interstate Highway system, and other major works. The EPA is an affront to the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution and basically liberties.

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