Saturday, January 14, 2012

Japanese culture from an American perspective

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Want to know why I admire Japan, and the Japanese?  Read the below message an American living in Japan sent me via YouTube:

Re: I like your channel Dear Tony,

Thanks for the response. Over the past week, I've been watching all of your vids, so I'm becoming a fan.

Living in Japan is like living anywhere in the world. There are both good and bad. For the most part though, I like living here, in fact I recently got my permanent residency status.

One of the cool things about Japan, is the lack of political correctness and feminism. Sure those things are here, but they're not allowed outside to infect people's minds and I hope it stays that way. Women dress like women and act like women and men wear suits and ties.

I also like the fact that the government doesn't try to regulate and legislate every aspect of daily life. Wanna eat raw chicken? Go ahead. I have. Wanna sit in the park and drink a beer? No problem. Wanna sit in the park and drink beer until you pass out? No problem. If you get so drunk you cause a disturbance, the police come and try to convince you to go home but they don't lock you up or put you through the court system. I've seen it many times.

It's also nice that the Japanese aren't litigious. I teach at an elementary school. A boy fell off the jungle gym and injured his neck and got a big ole black eye. Think the parents sued the school. Nope. Another girl fell through a plate glass window playing volley ball and got a big gash in her forearm. There were no lawsuits, nothing.

People, especially the older people, are very kind. On the way to the grocery store, a man stopped to give me 1000 yen, roughly ten dollars. What was the reason? I was with my daughter and he though she was so cute, that he wanted me to buy her some chocolate on his behalf. (she is cute).
So yeah, it's a beautiful country and there are great and hard-working people here. I consider myself fortunate to live here.

I also noted in one of your videos, that you liked the sake you brought back from Japan. On the island of Kyushu, there's another Japanese alcohol called shochu. Shochu is made from many things like sweet potatoes, barley, brown sugar etc. Recently in Japan, Shochu has become quite popular and shochu bars are opening up everywhere. I don't really drink but my wife loves it. If you're looking to broaden your horizons in Japanese alcohols maybe you'd like shochu.

Again, thank you for your videos and your honest opinions. I enjoy hearing them.

God Bless,
(name withheld by Tony)

Tony in Tokyo

Shun and Tony

Tony in Osaka, Japan

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