Monday, January 2, 2012

Bullying in the schools blame political correctness (liberals)

In these here United States of America – USA, the liberals, academia, and the news media are all concerned with bullying in the schools. Their answer? Why to infuse more counselors and encourage therapy with students, mainly boys, getting in touch with their feelings along with developing sensitivity – hooey!

Please understand this video makes no attempt to trivialize bullying because it has led to tragic consequences in some cases.

Perhaps cases of bullying seem to be rampant currently can be related to political correctness where boys are not allowed to be boys. When a boy behaves like a boy in 21st century America, there has to be something wrong with him.

Boys are naturally physical enjoying rough-housing while relishing competition. Both of which is forbidden and results in school suspension if not calling in the local law enforcement authorities – the constabulary. Some re-education camps (public schools) the re-educators (teachers) allow sports while denying any form of score keeping. This is done not to offend the losers at the price of denying the winners their victory.

Another tactic employed by the political correct Nazis is when a boy behaves like a boy is to drug him, suppressing the natural inclinations of the male gender. The majority of the Ritalin prescriptions written in the world are written in the United States of America- USA. Of those written in the USA, the majority are written for boys. In essence among the Godless political correct crowd it is a sin to be a male, let alone to behave like one.
At one time in school children were assigned to classes based upon their demonstrated intelligence levels. Over achievers on one class, medium achievers in another, and under achievers in a third class. With the occupation of political correctness in the public schools, children from all three levels are warehoused in the same classes. Resulting in the indoctrinators (teachers) teaching the class at the level of the under achievers, thus boring the over achievers. “An idle mind is the workshop of the devil,” and this boredom creates trouble.
When a boy is prevented from expending his energy in rough-housing, competition, or challenges to his achievement level, it then surfaces in negative behavior such as bullying. Thank you liberals. Thank you political correctness.

Why are girls behaving like bullies? Simple, thank the perverts in Hollywood who produce movies and television shows depicting females as fighters, bullies, and physically capable of vanquishing their male counter-parts.

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