Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sea Shepherd complains Japanese defend themselves

Sea Shepherd complains the Japanese defend themselves

The trust fund babies’ minion cultists of She Shepherd led by the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, The Paulrus, are complaining the Japanese whalers are defending themselves against girly-men attacks.

The Japanese whalers in compliance with international agreements are in the Southern Ocean hunting whales. The cult group’s vessel the MY Bob Barker (registered in the Netherlands) with their off spring of zodiacs are currently harassing, endanger lives, and engaging in terrorism against the Japanese mariners. The Japanese mariners being the professionals are defending themselves to avoid harm to the lives of the mariners and the cult group eco-terrorists.

Ninja Tony?
 This defense caused the cult leader Captain Kangaroo to complain. He claimed the Japanese mariners ”they’re all dressed like ninjas……..with mask on.” Does this mean to the good captain when any Asian more specifically Japanese wear a mask they must be ninjas? Did he forget there are numerous photographs and videos showing his minions wearing mask while attacking the Japanese? Are we to interpret by his statement when white, pale-face, and round-eyes from Europe or European descent wear a mask they are not ninjas because they are also not Asian?

The cult leader complained the Japanese are using high power water cannons. Once again did the good captain forget his cult group uses water cannons? The Japanese increased the velocity of the water cannon to increase their effectiveness over the terrorism from the last whaling season.

Captain Kangaroo continued to complain about the water cannons: "……..they smashed one of our radars with those water cannons.” Really? Once again the good captain has a lapse in memory and his continued boasting of the damage they caused the Japanese. The cowards burn the Japanese nets and riddled /defaced their vessel with paint. Damage anyone?

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