Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sea Shepherd slaps Australia in the face - AGAIN

If there is one nation that stands out among the rest for their support of Sea Shepherd it is the nation and people of Australia, “Down under” Waltzing with Matilda. For this support, Sea Shepherd breaks their laws and criticizes their government.


- Sea Shepherd smuggles spud guns past authorities used to launch projectiles at the Japanese Mariners in the Southern Ocean.

- When their rust bucket garbage scow toy boat the “Brigitte Bardot” was damaged during a storm in the Southern Ocean, they issued a distress call. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority asked them to turn on their AIS (Automatic Identification System) as required by international maritime law (The International Maritime Organization – IMO and International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea – SOLAS). As of this writing the Brigitte Bardot has still failed to obey the law and Australia’s request.

- Australian Antarctic Division advised Sea Shepherd to stop using their drones in the Southern Ocean because S.S. did not enter them in the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) when submitted by them. As of this writing their garbage scow the Bob Barker in the Southern Ocean continues to use their drone.

- Captain Kangaroo of She Shepherd claimed the Australian government was delaying issuing a visa to their American helicopter pilot. According to Australian Environment Minister Tony Burke, that was not true.
Sea Shepherd mock flag
- Australia advised Sea Shepherd before returning to Australia they need to stop at a foreign port to avoid a $200,000 tax / duty. As of date She Shepherd’s Steve Irwin and Brigitte Bardot are on their way back to Australia without stopping at a foreign port.

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This is the modus operandi for cult groups, they ignore and have no respect for any nation or their laws. Their only devotion is to the cult leader and getting donations from suckers around the world.

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