Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sea Shepherd starting 2012 as a failure

Sea Shepherd drone above Japanese whaling vessel (artist rendering)
Sea Shepherd entered the year 2012 as it left the year 2011, a total failure. The Australian government (Australian Antarctic Division) has informed Sea Shepherd to stop using their drones in the Southern Ocean. It seems when Sea Shepherd filled out an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) they failed to report they would be using drones in the Southern Ocean.

Per the Australian government this is a violation of the Antarctic Treaty. So big deal does not the Australian government recognize and respect Captain Kangaroo’s tin badge? He is law enforcement and above the law, both written laws and laws he makes up on the spot.
Artist rendering of Sea Shepherd's fake badge

Three days into the year and we have a Sea Shepherd failure. It seems like this cult group respects no nation or any laws from said nations.

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fuck yeah!
your drawing is so acurate