Saturday, April 7, 2018

YouTube shot up

YouTube shot up

Recently YouTube headquarters was involved in a shooting.  The unfortunate lady who shot some people at YouTube ended her life by shooting herself.  She was upset with YouTube for demonetizing a few of her videos. 

It was thoroughly wrong this lady shot people at YouTube and herself.  One can understand her frustration with YouTube but never condone her violent actions. 

Once YouTube reels people in like a fish on the end of a fishing line, they then cut the line.  YouTube has been engaging in censorship by demonetizing videos.  They target videos they deem as not being politically correct.  The company is a nest infested with extreme liberals with zero tolerance for conservative views. 

YouTube is a virtual monopoly as a public square.  A public square where people use to freely express their views on all sides of the political and cultural spectrum.  As a monopoly of a public square the censorship protection as a private company should be negated.  If they are permitted to be a monopoly the tradeoff should be a censorship free public square. 

When AT&T was granted a monopoly by the U.S. Congress in the early days of the telephone industry, the tradeoff was AT&T agreed to provide telephone service to rural America.  When allowed to maintain a monopoly there should be a reciprocal action. 

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