Saturday, April 7, 2018

Colorado, fun with marijuana – the results

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    Colorado, fun with marijuana – the results

 Recreational marijuana has been legal in the USA state of Colorado for about five years.  Here are some the results of this legalization. 

Colorado Marijuana use results:

-          Residential neighborhoods throughout Colorado Springs reek of marijuana

-          Five years of retail pot coincide with five years of a homelessness growth rate that ranks among the highest rates in the country. Directors of homeless shelters, and people who live on the streets, tell us homeless substance abusers migrate here for easy access to pot.

-          Doubling in the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes who tested positive for marijuana

-          Five years of commercial pot have been five years of more marijuana in schools than teachers and administrators ever feared.

-          Drug violations reported by Colorado's K-12 schools have increased 45 percent in the past four years

-          Colorado ranks first in the country for marijuana use among teens, scoring well above the national average.

-          Colorado being the number one state for youth drug use in the country.

-          Children are being expelled at higher rates, and more road deaths tied to pot have resulted since legalization."

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