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Sea Shepherd saving the oceans for us

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Sea Shepherd saving the oceans for us

Sea Shepherd’s birth was due to their concern to save the earth.  The claimed if the whales go extinct the oceans will die, and if the oceans die we all die. 

Such a noble inception for a concerned group.  This past year was Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands attempting to save the huge number of whales harvest there?  Nope, not a one from Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands to save the whales.

Perhaps Sea Shepherd (Cove Guardians) were in Taiji, Japan to document for the world with their arms crossed in righteous indignation the dolphin activity there.  Nope again, no Sea Shepherd in Taiji.  The fishermen in Taiji enjoyed an uninterrupted bountiful season with their dolphin harvest.

Since Sea Shepherd abandoned the dolphins and whales in Taiji and the Faroe Islands, perhaps some of their nine vessels were in the Southern Ocean interdicting the Japanese whaling fleet.  Nope again.  The Japanese whalers returned home from the Southern Ocean with their quota of 333 whales. 

Criminal Cosplay Watson the Horrible and his float circus abandoned his clients the whales and dolphins.  Do did they abandon saving the oceans thus saving us?  Not at all.  Sea Shepherd is very busy saving us by collected abandoned nets in the oceans.  They have turn their rust-buckets into garbage scows collecting ocean debris. 

This collecting of ocean trash reduces the possibility of whales and dolphins ingesting these items.  In turn when dolphins and whales are harvest in the Faroe Islands, Taiji, and the Southern Ocean those creatures will be debris free suitable to provide food. 

Japanese whalers return home without any interruptions:

Massive catch for Japanese whalers:

Whalers return with 333 whales:

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