Sunday, April 8, 2018

Why I Love Japan: Running, jail cell shoes, child’s behavior

Why I Love Japan: 
Running, jail cell shoes, child’s behavior

The opinions illustrated in this video are illustrated using screen shots from multiple Japanese movies and television dramas.  While viewing the aforementioned media an observation in the following:

Running:  The Japanese movies and television dramas usually have a running scene.  Not running for exercise, but running for an emergency of sorts.    

Jail cell shoes:  It is known when the Japanese enter homes and some restaurant they remove their shoes.  In one Japanese drama with a jail house scene a guard removes his shoes before entering a jail cell.  Rather normal considering the jail cell is the inmate’s home.

Child on a train: A photograph on face showing a child handing from the overhead handrails while standing on a seat.  Many people in Japan left negative comments in reference to the child’s behavior.  However it should be noted, before standing on the seat, out of consideration and good training he removed his shoes not to soil the seat.

Nurses:  Scenes involving nurses, the nurses are attired in white uniforms.  One time nurses in the USA use to wear white uniforms.  They have been replaced with scrubs in assorted non-white colors. 

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