Sunday, April 8, 2018

Plano Texas War on Christians

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Plano Texas War on Christians

Tom Harrison is a member of the Plano City Council.  Plano being a well-to-do suburb north of Dallas.  Liberals and Islamic groups are demanding Mr. Harrison resign from the City Council.

What was his perceived crime?  He is a victim of America’s War on Christians.  Recently he noted the following on his Facebook:

“Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools”

This caused the anti-Christian mobs to fully mobilize.  What Mr. Harrison wrote was not Islamophobia.  He was just looking for consistency.  American liberals have succeeded in banning anything related to Christianity from public schools screaming “separation of church and state.” 

They hallucinate the doctrine of “separation of church and state” is in the U.S. Constitution.  That is not correct as it cannot be located anywhere within that document.  It was hallucinated into the Constitution during the early 1930’s, giving liberals an excuse to cleanse public schools of Christianity. 

Ever since September 11, 2001 teacher in the public schools have been teaching all things Islamic.  Mr. Harrison with this Facebook note was just asking for consistency.  If one religion is banned, then all religions need to be banned.  If one religion is allowed, then all religions need to be allowed.

Inconsistency is the hallmark of liberal hypocrisy.

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