Saturday, April 7, 2018

Leftist Democrat Jimmy Kimmel mocks First Lady Melania Trump

Leftist Democrat Jimmy Kimmel mocks 
First Lady Melania Trump

Jimmy Kimmel (James Christian Kimmel) host of the television late night talk show: Jimmy Kimmel Live, mocked the accent of First Lady Melania Trump. 

Mrs. Trump at the recent White House Easter Egg Hunt read a story to children.  Jimmy on his TV show played part of Mrs. Trump’s reading.  Then he proceeded to offer a commentary on her accent from his favorite place in the gutter.  Mrs. Trump said, “This and that” causing Jimmy to say: 

"Like dis and dat," impersonating an Eastern European accent.

Melania Trump speaks five languages and English is not her first language.  Jimmy’s behavior is typical of liberals and 21st century Democrats – both a scourge upon the land.

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