Sunday, April 8, 2018

No smoking in Japan

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  No smoking in Japan
The Japanese have enjoyed greater property rights freedoms than property owners in the USA.  The liberalism that has ruined the USA is incrementally creeping across the Pacific Ocean to infect Japan.

Japan’s Health Ministry will be submitting legislations to the Diet (Parliament) to restrict smoking on private property, specifically bars and restaurants.  This is being done due to pressure from other nations and concern for the nation’s image during the 2020 Olympics. 

In an attempt to nullify critics the legislation would only apply to those establishments with a floor space over 150 square meters (1,615 square feet).  Within a short time after this legislation becomes law, then liberals will seek to decrease the square meter exception if not eliminate it all together.  Liberals are never happy and always continue to agitate. 

These no smoking laws are an encroachment on private property rights.  This smoking issue should be handled by the market place, not government legislation.  Today it is smoking, tomorrow the size of soft drinks (NYC limits the size of soft drinks).   

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