Monday, April 16, 2018

Anti-Abe protest mimic lunatic USA liberals

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  Anti-Abe protest mimic lunatic USA liberals

Recent anti-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe protest happened recently in Tokyo, Japan.  Lunatic liberals in Tokyo are mimicking the lunatic liberals in the USA demanding the nations’ executive leader resign from office.  Both based on hallucinated unsubstantiated accusations. 

One lunatic clown brought a sign to the demonstration which read “F**k y**” without the asterisks. 
Not only was this despicable but so where the people around him/her who did not admonish the dope for tarnishing their image with that sign.

Another group of these leftie loonies tramped down police barricades in the fashion of leftie loonies from the USA and Europe.   Remember now Japan is a nation where two policemen can restrain a crowd with a simple yellow strap held between them. 

There is one mug who attended the Tokyo demonstrations who attends many such demonstrations.  Leading one to believe he is one of them thar Communist.  His rhetoric is annoying and someone should shut him up in a debate.  A good candidate for the debate would be a gentleman by the name of Kazuya Kyoumoto.  Mr. Kyoumoto is conservative, patriotic, and articulate.      

Once of the two hallucinated Abe scandals is a document located in one of their ministries.  The document claims a one-time secretary of the prime minister said “….matter concerning the prime minister.”  This was supposed to be in reference to a pending land purchase to be made by one of Abe’s friends.  Thus the claim of cronyism.  The one-time secretary Ken Saito denied ever making such a statement. 

The second claim involved the prime minister’s wife Akie Abe.  This one is a pending land purchase also where the accusation is due to close ties with Akie Abe, the land was purchased at a discount.  More fake cronyism.  The real problem is the land was to build a school liberals in Japan absolutely hate.  They do not like the school because they teach their students patriotism and to love their country.  Both of which liberals in Japan and the USA cannot tolerate.  Japanese liberals mimicking USA liberals.    

Articles on the so-called scandals:

Photographs of the anti-Abe demonstration and the F*** Y** sign:

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トニー・マラーノ  テキサスパパ  토니 마라 Moritomo Gakuen Kake Educational Institution

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