Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Women’s war on the Civil War Nativity?

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Women’s war on the Civil War Nativity?

Search YouTube for videos on Civil War Reenactments, specifically “Remembrance Day Gettysburg” and you will see hundreds of people dressed in Civil War garb of both Union and Confederate soldiers in addition to women dressed in their 1860’s finery.  Look close and you will see a spattering of women dressed in Union solider uniforms.  Huh? 

What kind of reenactment is that by dressing in a fantasy?  Women did not put on solider uniforms and fight the battles of that war.  This is political correctness American style by bastardizing history.  It does not end there.

Christmas Eve Dallas County in front of a Protestant church was a live Nativity Scene.  With Joseph, the Blessed Mother Mary, and two Wise Men, the Two Kings.  Huh again???  It is supposed to be the Three Wise Men, the Three Kings.  Not in politically correct USA.  The third person was not a man, but a woman dressed up as either a king or a queen.  Political correctness re-writing the Bible. 

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