Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sayonara Logan Paul

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Sayonara Logan Paul

Logan Paul was recently in Japan behaving reprehensibly totally insulting the people, culture, and nation of Japan.   While it is challenging to identify which of his displays of ignorance was the most offensive, he made it easy when he entered Aokigahara (Suicide Forest 青木ヶ原). 

Suicide Forest (Aokigahara) is located at the base of Mount Fuji, a revered site in Japan, its history, and people.  It is a mount of deep reverence.  Logan walked in this forest and came upon a suicide victim whose dead body was swinging by a rope from a tree.  Logan ridiculed, and was disrespectful towards this unfortunate person. 

That video created a firestorm of criticism in Japan aimed at Logan.  Logan subsequently removed the video and uploaded a video apologizing for his disgusting behavior.  It was a sincere apology and should be taken seriously. 

Forgive and forget?  Okay, he is forgiven, now time to forget him.  He should consider himself persona-no-grata in Japan.  There are many videos where foreigners are in Japan acting like complete jerks.  Most of whom are from English speaking nations.  Why?  How come it is challenging to locate videos featuring Italians, Russians, or Mexicans acting like jerks in Japan? 

Those going to Japan to misbehave do so because they are bullies, jealous of the Japanese, and single out Japan to exploit the polite nature of the Japanese people.  How come these rude people do not try this behavior in Beijing, Moscow, or Mexico City?    

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