Thursday, January 11, 2018

Best Friends politically incorrect

Best Friends politically incorrect

On the website U.S. News & World Report appeared an article titled:

“Should Schools Ban Kids From Having Best Friends” dated January 5, 2018.

Written by Dr. Barbara Greenberg.  Brief description of Dr. Greenberg:

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, PhD, is a teen, adolescent, child and family psychologist licensed in Connecticut and New York. After 21 years of running an inpatient.

Here is a paragraph in the article:

“Many of you will suggest that our kids should toughen up and will become hardier if they learn to deal with the natural shifts in friendships that are inevitable. Perhaps, there is some truth to that. However, I am concerned about the bigger picture, which includes the pain associated with exclusion and the gentle comfort associated with inclusion.”

A liberal assault on the institution of having a “best friend” is the latest nonsense proposed by the political correct thugs in the USA.  If person A and B are best friends, then person C is excluded feeling neglected.  Unacceptable since all are to be accepted and experience no rejection in the cultural declining USA. 

Children are not to know failure or rejection thus making them unprepared for adulthood in the real world.  Elementary school children playing sports or a game, no score.  Because the losers are to be shielded from being losers.  No game of dodge ball, it is too violent.  Play a sport and everyone gets a participation trophy. 

Hence from pre-K through post-graduate no rejection, sheltered by “safe spaces” these snowflakes erupt when confronted with real world situations they are not accustomed to.  They wanted Hillary to win in 2016.  Their teachers and news media told them she would win.  When she lost, they felt rejected, unable to handle that, they rioted.    

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