Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hey Sea Shepherd’s Watson: The 15 days warning ending months ago

Hey Sea Shepherd’s Watson:  
 The 15 days warning ending months ago

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s cult group Sea Shepherd filed a complaint regarding the whale harvesting in the Faroe Islands with the European Commission.  The Commission dismissed the complaint.

On Sea Shepherd’s Facelessbook page “Sea Shepherd Faroe Islands Campaign” they wrote:

“Sea Shepherd gives the European Commission 15 days to do its job and provide a proper response with legal justification for rejecting…..”

In the writing they did not mention what the “or else” was?  What will happen after “15 days” when or if the Commission continues to ignore them?  A comment was left:

“And what does Sea Shepherd want to do it the Commission doesn’t do anything within these 15 days.”

The answer is simple: Criminal Cosplay Watson will author a scathing poem.  That will inject fear into the European Commission.      

This year the Faroese have harvested over 1,600 whales without any interference from Sea Shepherd.  So where are Sea Shepherd’s minions and vessels?  Perhaps they are in Taiji, Japan to document for the world the dolphin harvest there?  No, Cosplay Watson abandoned the dolphins in Taiji. 

Oh, then they must be traveling to the Southern Ocean to interfere with the Japanese whaling fleet.  Nope, that there either.  Another surrender by Cosplay Watson, announced no Sea Shepherd vessels going to the Southern Ocean.

So where are the rust bucket garbage scows of Sea Shepherd?  They are sailing the oceans gathering garbage, plastics, and discarded nets.  In between garbage gathering they are in various ports begging for donations.  

UPDATE:  The 15 days warning expired months ago and Sea Shepherd did what they do best: NOTHING!!!  But the suckers, minions, and emotional wrecks continue to donate to the floating circus.  Their donations are appreciated because without their donations there will be no material for these videos.  “Doumo Arigatou” (どうもありがとう)

Sea Shepherd 15 day warning (dated 09 27 2017):

Sea Shepherd European Commission:

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