Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Korean Liberation Army liberated who?

The Korean Liberation Army liberated who?

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea was recently in Chongqing, China.  Moonie-Moon was visiting the Museum of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.   This also served the Korean Liberation Army during and before World War Two.  Their goal was to liberate the Korean peninsula from Japan.  

While at the museum President Moon paid his respect to the bust of Kim Gu.  Kim Gu is a popular historical figure in South Korea.  He rose to fame after assassinating a Japanese businessman who he claimed was a lieutenant in the Japanese Imperial Army.   He defended his accusation by claiming the businessman had with him a katana (sword). 

This Korean Liberation Army was in desperate need of a geography lesson.  Remember this goal was to liberate Korea, hence the word “Liberation” in their name.  In an effort to liberate Korea they fought the Japanese alongside the British in the Burma / India region.  That was 2,377 miles / 3,827 kilometers WEST of the Korean peninsula.    

The war was over 1945 and the Korean Liberation Army enters Seoul, South Korea to accept the surrender of the defeated Japanese Army.  The Japanese instead of surrendering to them chased them out of Seoul stating they were only going to surrender to the Americans. 

The Korean Liberation Army was defeated by a defeated army and fought to liberate Korea 3,827 kilometers WEST of Korea.  Who knew history could be so comical?       

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