Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Safe in Tokyo or New York City?

Safe in Tokyo or New York City?

Comparative statistics between Tokyo and the City of New York:

8,537,673 New York City
13,617,445 Tokyo

Approximately five million more people in Tokyo.

Area size:
New York City: 468,484 square miles, 1,213.37 square kilometers.
Tokyo: 844.66 square miles, 2,187.66 square kilometers.

Tokyo is about twice as large as New York City in land coverage.

51,304 New York City Police Department – NYPD
43,351 Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department – MPD

Police per citizen:
166 people per one policeman – New York City.
314 people per one policeman – Tokyo.

Tokyo land area twice the size of NYC, five million more in the population than NYC, Tokyo has around eight thousand less police than NYC, and yet Tokyo is the safer city.  Out of the industrialized world, Tokyo  is the safest city with near the lowest in crime.  

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