Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Off to the races with Sea Shepherd

 Off to the races with Sea Shepherd

Criminal Cosplay Watson the Horrible continues with his time honored tradition of hallucinating.  Some years ago he would sail the seven seas wearing a police type badge.  He hallucinated enforcing the laws of the seas, the ones he made up on the spot.  After posting numerous videos ridiculing this abnormal childish Wyatt Earp behavior he abandoned the badge.

In the badge’s aftermath he adopted the moniker hallucinating he is an admiral and proceeded to wear his cosplay admiral’s costume. 

Recently he is now playing the role of family man living in the USA state of Vermont.  God bless him for settling down as a family man.  However the hallucinations continue, not with him, but playing dress up / cosplay with one of his rust-bucket vessels.  On the rust-bucket MY Farley Mowat painted in white is adorned with a black racing stripe.  This racing stripe is in the fashion of the U.S. Coast Guard and other coast guard vessels from various nations.

The racing strip on coast guard vessels is to make it easier to identify the vessel as being coast guard and law enforcement.  Sea Shepherd’s MY Farley Mowat is neither coast guard nor law enforcement.  Just a vessel operated by a group of want-to-be trust fund babies.   

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