Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sea Shepherd’s Part Time Heroes (suckers)

Sea Shepherd’s Part Time Heroes (suckers)

Sea Shepherd Global has initiated another scheme to get emotional wrecks, suckers, and their minions to part with their money.  This new scheme is called:

“Become A Part-Time Hero for the Oceans Fundraise for Sea Shepherd”

The scheme is to get the above mentioned to commit to a running monthly donation.  There are four levels to choose from: 

Become a “Turtle Ranger” for a monthly commitment of only €10.00 Euros ($12.00 U.S).
Okay perhaps they saved a turtle or two.

How about a “Dolphin Defender” for only committing to €20.00 Euros ($24.00) a month?
Huh?  Criminal Cosplay Watson the Horrible surrendered the dolphins in Taiji, Japan to the Japanese.  He stated the floating circus will no longer send their disposables the Cove Guardians to Taiji.  So what is this money for?  What will a “Dolphin Defender” being defending when the dolphins were surrendered?

Another position is that of a “Shark Bodyguard” for a mere €50.00 Euros ($60.00).  Really a “Shark Bodyguard?” According to an article in The New York Times (see the link below) most of the sharks being murdered for their fins are by Chinese and Mexican fishing vessels.  Try to locate when Sea Shepherd confronted Mexican and Chinese fishermen going after sharks.  Never happened and never will.  So where will the money go to?

Here is their premier Part-Time Hero position of “Whale Warrior” for the low sucker amount of €100.00 Euros ($121.00) committed each month.  This is a classic because their cult leader surrendered the whales in the Faroe Islands to the Faroese and then surrendered the whales in the Southern Ocean to the Japanese. 

If a person selects one of these honorable part-time hero positions what do they get in return?  They get a voucher.  A voucher for what?  With that voucher a person can then purchase a $30.00 t-shirt announcing to the world their commitment to being a sucker. 

Sea Shepherd’s Sucker appeal:

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