Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Watson the Horrible stalking Pete Bethune

Watson the Horrible stalking Pete Bethune

New Zealander Pete Bethune of Earthrace, an ocean conservation group was recently stalked by Sea Shepherd and their criminal cosplay leader Paul Watson the Horrible. 

Pete Bethune was recently in Macaba, Brazil and suffered an attack by some street thugs.  Mr. Bethune was in Brazil to research poaching of sea creatures. 

Cosplay Watson  on his Facebook page (see link below) left a commentary dated November 27, 2017 at 7:27AM titled: “The Strange Case of the Stabbing of Pete Bethune in Brazil?”

Part of his commentary read:

“Sea Shepherd Brazil made calls to the police, the media and the hospitals. They were unable to verify any of Bethune’s information. They contacted the New Zealand Embassy in San Paulo and the Embassy said they had no information. Did he contact his embassy? That we do not know?”

Pure stalking by an definition. 

Apparently criminal cosplay Watson is stalking Mr. Bethune, because any donations going to Mr. Bethune is money not going to Watson.  Simple as that, with Watson the Horrible it has always been about money.  Always been about getting the minions, suckers, and emotional wrecks to part with their money.  That money belongs to Cosplay Watson, not any of that for Mr. Bethune.  

Watson’s Facebook commentary on Pete Bethune:

Pete Bethune attacked in Brazil:

Macapa, Brazil murder rate compared to other major cities:

Pete Bethune’s Facebook:

Pete’s Earthrace organization:

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