Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sea Shepherd sailing in fear in Mexican waters

Sea Shepherd sailing in fear in Mexican waters

Sea Shepherd is either sailing in fear in Mexican waters or proving they are bullies who only get aggressive when facing a passive people.  Currently the cult group sent their floating circus clown boat R/V Martin Sheen on a campaign they title Operation Milagro in the Mexican waters known as the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California).  This is the body of water between Baja, Mexico and mainland Mexico. 

Their goal is to help reduce the further deterioration of a species of porpoise known as vaquita porpoise.  Remember part of Sea Shepherd’s mission reads:

“Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas.”

Sea Shepherd was founded by the criminal cult leader when he left Greenpeace stating they were not taking enough direct action.  He left Greenpeace and started Sea Shepherd boasting this new group is a direct-action group.  Really?  Perhaps only “direct-action” against a passive people.  Their 17 April 2015 communique from Operation Milagro, in part read:

“The Sea Shepherd crew has been surprised to see the extent of illegal fishing and deadly presence of gillnets within these protected waters.”

The clowns were “surprised” to see the “extent of illegal fishing” and “…….gillnets.”  Where was their “direct-action?”  Obviously according to their report no direct action, just watching much like people do when they go bird watching.  Further proof they are nothing but cowards and bullies.  Sea Shepherd in the past when confronting Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean clearly demonstrated their “direct-action.”  The clown bullies pelted Japanese vessels with paint balls, littered the wet slippery decks of the Japanese vessels with broken glass, set the nets afire, attempted to snarl the propellers, attempted to blind the Japanese vessel pilots using laser beams, and rammed whaling vessels on numerous occasions.       

Yet when observing Mexican fishermen engaging in illegal fishing no direct-action is attempted.  Recently in the Southern Ocean Sea Shepherd stole gillnets left by another vessel. How come the observed gillnets in Mexican waters where left undisturbed by these brave clown defenders of the seas? 

No direct action because they once again prove they are nothing but cowards.  They know the
Mexican fishermen will not be passive as the Japanese mariners are.  That is what bullies do, they exploit.  Another reason: Sea Shepherd by their past actions and pronouncements by their criminal leader and Cabin Boy illustrates their hate for Japan and the Japanese people.    This hate for Japan and the Japanese people receives approval from the cult’s minions as they are aware of this hate and still support the cult group.  

Link to Sea Shepherd’s webpage where they note they watched illegal fishing and did absolutely nothing (bottom of the first paragraph below the photograph of a sailboat):

Criminal Watson’s note on his Facebook page reporting the same “watching” of illegal fishing and doing absolutely nothing:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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