Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Obama betrays Israel for revenge and Iran

Obama betrays Israel for revenge and Iran

The regime leader President Obama behaving like a petulant child attempting to seek revenge on Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu released a once classified document titled “Critical Technology Assessment in Israel and NATO nations.”

President Obama is angry with Mr. Netanyahu because “Bibi” had the nerve to win a recent re-election that the regime leader (Mr. Obama) wanted him to lose.  Mr. Obama being a good Democrat got his revenge or pound of flesh by releasing a once classified document detailing the nuclear weapons program of NATO allies and Israel, written in 1987.

Want proof the report was released specifically as an act of revenge upon Netanyahu and by extension Israel?   Reading the report when it covers the nuclear programs involving the NATO nations the paragraphs are redacted (blocked out).  While the sections dealing with Israel’s nuclear program are left intact for all to read.

The purposeful release of this document also served to assist Iran with their nuclear ambitions.  Most governments already knew of Israel’s nuclear weapons program; however no official concurrence by Israel or the USA was ever announced.  This enabled any nuclear negotiations to omit Israel as a nuclear armed nation.  With this vengeful release of the document, Mr. Obama has now enabled Iran to say, “Israel has nuclear weapons so should we.” 

Reading the tea leaves one can only gather this release was to hurt Israel and assist Iran with their nuclear program.  This is a glowing example how 21st century Democrats toss aside America’s allies while embracing our enemies.  While the Obama regime is holding nuclear talks with Iran, their leader is chanting “death to America.”

PDF file of Obama’s released document about Israel’s nuclear program:

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