Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adrift at sea for 66 day and his Bible expunged from the story

Adrift at sea for 66 day 
and his Bible expunged from the story

Listening to a radio talk-show host review a story about Louis Jordan who was adrift at sea for sixty-six days off North Carolina.  The talk-show host mentioned Mr. Jordan said he read the Bible during the sixty-six days from cover-to-cover numerous times to eliminate boredom.

Coincidently on the same day of the talk-show host mentioning Mr. Jordan’s story an article about this appeared in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted from the Associated Press.  Reviewing that article, the part about the “Bible” was omitted from the article. 

The very next day The Dallas Morning News printed another article about Mr. Jordan, also reprinted from the Associated Press and once again the “Bible” part of the story was missing.  In politically correct America the liberal, Democratic Party compliant news media continues with their war on Christians.  Reporting anything motivating or positive about Christians in the USA is basically “persona non grata.” 

Need proof of the news media in the USA assisting liberals and Democrats with their war on Christians?  See the first two links below with the story from the Associated Press on American news outlet web pages, and the “Bible” is omitted.  Now look at the third link below to a United Kingdom news web page, and the “Bible” is mentioned.  Note:  All three articles are from the Associated Press.  Illustrating it was the Americans who omitted the “Bible” while the British not participating in the war on Christian left the article intact with the word “Bible.”        

Liberals + Political Correctness + Democrats = War on Christians.

First article referenced in this video where no mention of the Bible:

Second article:

United Kingdom article referencing the Bible in the article:

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War on Christians

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