Wednesday, April 1, 2015

America the Stupid: military recruitment and school grades

America the Stupid: 
military recruitment and school grades

United States Defense Secretary Ash Carter recently stated it will be difficult in the future to fill the military ranks.  Mr. Carter said of the current Americans ages 17 to 21 number around 21 million, only one third are eligible for military service.

He went on to explain the remaining two-thirds (14 million) are unfit.  Half (7 million) are unable to pass the entry examinations (can you say “illiterate?”).  Analysis: There is too much texting going on with no emphasis on reading and writing. 

The last third (7 million) could not meet the physical requirement and / or have character flaws.  Analysis: Teaching “conflict resolution” and “veganism” has led to a politically correct youth unfit to serve.  Thus the achievement of the left with their insertion of political correctness into the school curriculum has attained their insidious goals.

The Texas state legislature is currently debating a bill that would require school districts to assign a numeric grade for students.  It seems many school districts in Texas complying with political correctness only assign a “pass” or “fail” grade, better known as “dumbing down.”  Why should a high achiever enjoy a high numeric grade, when the low achiever has to address a lower grade?  So rather than bring the lower achiever up in their academics, political correctness demands the high achiever be brought down along with their self-esteem.  Basically punishing success.

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