Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Welcome to America!

 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:  Welcome to America!

To Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “Welcome to America.”  That is a traditional greeting we in the USA enjoy extending to those who come to America legally.  Mr. Abe’s trip to the USA is a welcome visit from the elected leader of a trusted and friendly allied nation Japan.  As of this writing Mr. Abe spoke at Harvard University the epicenter of academic liberalism in the USA.  Upon arriving in Washington, DC President Obama escorted Mr. Abe on a private tour of the Lincoln Memorial.  This Lincoln Memorial being the center of many historical events in recent American history.  Good to see Mr. Abe now a part of that American history.   

On Tuesday there will be a state dinner at The White House in Prime Minister Abe’s honor and by extension honoring Japan.  The Prime Minister will visit Arlington National Cemetery.  The cemetery that has honored America’s war dead since 1864 sits across the Potomac River from Washington, DC.  The significant of Arlington National Cemetery can be cross related to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo established five years after Arlington National Cemetery.  The glowing difference between the two is when the Prime Minister honors those who served Japan by visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, people in South Korea and China start crying, complaining, and behaving like spoiled children.  I am wondering when Mr. Abe visits the Cemetery if Canada or Mexico would resort to the child-like behavior as some in South Korea and China.  I doubt it because Canadians and Mexicans enjoy a degree of maturity.   

Of course we can expect South Korea with their allies in China to start their clown performance complaining about the new defense cooperation guidelines established on 27 April between Japan and the USA.  Here is where the crazy comes in:  The new guidelines will or could protect South Korea from communist aggression.  My money is on that will not stop that escapee from the asylum, South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye from complaining about the defense cooperation guidelines.  Her puppet masters in Beijing will be demanding her to concur with their criticism of those guidelines.

With the advancement of these new defense cooperation guidelines it will raise the value of Japan’s cooperation in the Asian defense partnership enjoyed by both Japan and the USA.  The USA is honored to have Japan as a valuable and trusted defense partner.  In this same week the United States reaffirmed the Senkaku Islands are part of the defense agreement between our two great nations.  One knows after this announcement the thugs in Beijing while being upset must have placed a telephone call to the pavilion of blue tiles in Seoul giving Ms. Park her instructions on how to react. 

Of course the lady in Seoul will have to masquerade her criticism behind her theatrical indignation over what Mr. Abe will or will not say in reference to the Comfort Women issue and continued apologies over events in the first half of the last century.  I am still perplexed as to why demands never stop asking Japan to apologize, apologize, and apologize.  I know the apology routine is instrumental among Asian cultures.  But I have to ask if the apologies are repeated for the same events does it not lose its meaning?  Apology number one, apology number two, okay.  But from apology number three and onward becomes meaningless and a mockery of the whole apology routine.  According to Wikipedia in the last seventy years Japan has apologized fifty-one times.  Come on folks that is just plain excessive and not only do the calls for continued apologies need to be ignored, the apologies also need to stop.        

Here we have the Prime Minister of Japan visiting the United States and some of the crazies in South Korean have to inject their lunacy into the visit to the delight of those pulling the strings in Beijing.  We in the USA are honored to have Mr. Abe address a joint session of Congress this week.  It is an honored bestowed upon a duly elected chief executive of an important and pivotal ally in Asia. 

Mr. Abe’s trip hopefully will be a great success for both our nations.  What has been confusing is the behavior of the Obama administration.  Since President Obama’s election he has embraced America’s enemies while tossing aside our allies.  However when it comes to Asia Mr. Obama reacts differently by embracing the ally we have in Japan while at the same time working to deter the aggression from the two communist nations of North Korea and China.  I do not know what Obama’s reason is for this, but I cheer him for this.  Perhaps President Obama’s attention to the security of Asia can be traced to the four years in spent in schools while living in Indonesia.  I am thinking this experience developed an Asian root to his history and allowed him to realize the security of Asia can only be enhanced through a partnership with Japan.              

Prime Minster Abe is a dignified man representing a dignified ally and we in the United States look forward to a relationship between our two nations for the betterment of both.        
President Obama and Prime Minister Abe at the Lincoln Memorial

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