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Paul Watson fleeing to Moscow or Tokyo?

Paul Watson fleeing to Moscow or Tokyo?

Watson of Sea Shepherd fleeing
The following headline appeared on The Japan Times website: “Japan ask France to hand over Sea Shepherd founder.”  That “founder” being the criminal Paul Watson.   His holiness Watson one of the founders of Greenpeace, left the group to create Sea Shepherd.  The cult group Sea Shepherd has been named a “floating circus” by Oli Breckmann of the Faroe Islands in 2012.      

According to the article the Japanese Coast Guard put criminal Watson on an international wanted list on charges of obstructing Japan’s research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean in 2010.   

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga made the announcement concerning Japan’s request to the French government to turn Paul Watson over to the Japanese government due to the outstanding warrants. 

In 2012 criminal Watson was arrested by German authorities in reference to an arrest warrant issued by Costa Rica and a subsequent extradition request.  Watson’s minions made bail and he was told not to leave Germany.  During this period Watson was moaning if he was extradited to Costa Rica it would be a death sentence because the Costa Rican Mafia had a death contract issued on him.  He feared being transferred to Costa Rica because of a perceived threat to his life.

Soon after his release Watson discovered Japan had filed an extradition request with the Germans, and that is when Watson jumped bail, and left Germany.  He feared a jail cell in Tokyo more than a death sentence awaiting him in a Costa Rican jail cell.

Recently Watson married a young lady in France.  She is Russian and been living in France for about fifteen years.  In respect to this recent request made by Japan to France, will Watson and his bride be fleeing to Moscow to avoid an extradition to Tokyo?

Russia is a whaling nation in addition to enjoying a good relationship with Japan.  Thanks to the brilliant diplomatic initiatives by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the relations between the two countries seem to be at its highest in one-hundred years. 

Sea Shepherd Watson in Tokyo
Where should Watson and his bride flee to, to avoid extradition?  Best policy is to hide out in the open.   The newly married couple should move to Tokyo.  Watson should shave off that toilet bowl brush from his face and enjoy Shushi in addition to strolling through Tokyo.  No one would ever think of looking for him in Tokyo.        

Japan Times article Japan request Watson extradition:

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