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Comfort Women Japanese Imperial Army’s Roman orgy

Comfort Women 
Japanese Imperial Army’s Roman orgy

Inserting logic into the Comfort Women story as told by South Korea one comes to the conclusion the Japanese Imperial Army was engaged in a daily orgy across the Pacific theater of World War Two causing then Allied victory.  Three cheers for the Comfort Women’s war effort to assist the Allies!!!!

“Settled History” is a paper written by Andrzej Kozlowski of the University of Warsaw using statistics from those who support the South Korean version of the Comfort Women issue. Mixed these statistics with logic and the conclusion is the Japanese Imperial Army were too tired to fight due to their daily sex orgies.

In the paper Mr. Kozlowski references passages on the Comfort Women issue as written McGraw Hill’s latest textbook titled “Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past.”  The textbook states:

“The Japanese army forcibly recruited, conscripted, and dragooned as many as two hundred thousand women age fourteen to twenty to serve in military brothels, called 'comfort houses' or “consolation centers.”

“Once forced into this imperial prostitution service, the ‘comfort women’ catered to between twenty and thirty men each day.”

Here is where logic disproves the above claims.  If 200,000 women were forced to have sex thirty times a day with members of the Japanese Imperial Army that translates to 6,000,000 Japanese soldiers having sex every day.  According to Wikipedia at the height of the Japanese Imperial Army there were just a little over six million men in the service.  So with their whole army sexing it up every day, who was left to fight?  No wonder Japan lost the war, they were too busy recreating a Roman style Caligula orgy in the Pacific.      

An undeniable truth is the Japanese were excellent warriors as demonstrated by their extended kinfolk in the USA who joined the United States Army during World War 2.  They formed a unit known as the 442nd.  The 442nd saw war in Europe and was the most decorated unit.  Perhaps their victories would not have occurred had they sexed it up as their distant relatives did across the Pacific. 

The McGraw Hill book continued with:

 “At the end of the war, soldiers massacred large numbers of comfort women to cover up the operation.”   

Cover what up?  The Comfort Women were well paid prostitutes so why a cover up?  If the Japanese murdered people to “cover up” war crimes, then how come POW’s (prisoners of war) were not murdered to cover up war crimes?  Many Japanese POW commanders were tried for war crimes after the war, but none were charged with “massacred large numbers” of POWs.  Please try to locate any Japanese tried for war crimes in reference to massacring “large numbers of comfort women.”      

Insert a little logic into the South Korean version of the Comfort Women story, and it falls apart.

Note:  “Settled History,” and “Rabaul 1942-1945 An Account Of Four Years As A Prisoner of War Of The Japanese,” both sent by Mrs. H. Kennedy. 

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Japanese Imperial Army Roman style Caligula orgy

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