Thursday, April 30, 2015

Japanese fascists

Japanese fascists 

There is a country on the southern part of the Korean peninsula where some people enjoy labeling Japan a fascists nation.  Really?  Japan a fascist nation?  If that is so, then one has to ask, would a fascists nations behave like this:

Background according to Wikipedia in reference to the Emperor of Japan:  “The Imperial House of Japan is the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the world.”  Founded in 660 BC, meaning the Japanese monarchy is close to 2,700 years old.  One can easily conclude the “Emperor” is part of the Japanese fabric, DNA. 

Recently in Tokyo a group of Communist / leftist / anarchist / dopes held a conference to discuss ending the Emperor system in Japan.  Yes, folks there are USA style Democrats even in Japan, so sad.  These malcontents were permitted to hold this conference on an upper floor of a government community building.  The Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrived in force to make sure these derelicts were not disturbed during the conference.  In essence Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution was being respected:

Article 21. Freedom of assembly and association as well as speech, press and all other forms of expression are guaranteed.   No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication be violated.”

On the other side of the coin Article 21 was being respected for a group of conservative patriotic Japanese who opposed the theme of the conference.  They were allowed to demonstrate in their vehicles adorned with Japanese flags and loud speakers.  This rolling demonstration was free to travel the streets, however kept from driving within about two blocks of that community building. 

Both groups were orderly and both groups were permitted to promote their opposing views.  Does this happen in a fascist nation?  Travel to the southern part of the Korean peninsula, speak in public a view of the Comfort Women issue not in agreement with popular thought, and you will become victim to the real fascists. 

As noted in a previous video:

South Korean professors Lee Yong-hoon and An Byeong-jik were beat up in South Korea by fascists who fear free speech, freedom of expression, and any deviation from popular thought. 

Professor Lee Yong-hoon is guilty for having said “Comfort Women were paid prostitutes.” 
Professor An Byon-jik is guilty for having said “Japan did some good things in the Annexation Era.”

The two professors expressed their opinions and the South Korean fascists them up just like the Nazi’s did in Hitler’s Germany.  Hitler’s opposition were silenced by brown shirt beatings.  Perhaps one day the good people in South Korea will rise up and stop these fascists to allow freedom of speech and freedom of expression. 

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