Monday, April 13, 2015

Clorox Bleach attacked by Politically Correct bullies

Clorox Bleach attacked by 
Politically Correct bullies

Recently Apple the makers of the iPhone released around 300 new “emoji’s” also known as “ideograms” or “smileys.”  Many of these new icons are diverse with new skin-tones. 

Clorox Bleach looking to endear itself with the newly released emoji’s Tweeted the following:  “New emoji’s are alright but where’s the bleach.”  Followed by a photograph of a Clorox bleach container made up of emoji’s. 

This Tweet caused the politically correct bullies claiming victimhood and looking to be offended claimed the Tweet was racially insensitive.  Social media was set on fire with these bullies.  Their rationale or lack of rational was due to the diverse character of the new emoji’s with various skin tones, reference to bleach was determined to be insensitive to emoji’s of color.

Clorox Bleach surrendered to the bullies and tweeted the following:

“Wish we could bleach away or last tweet.  Didn’t mean to offend – it was meant to be about the emoji’s that could use a cleanup.”  The Tweet illustrated a toilet, shower / bathtub, and a wine glass emoji. 

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